Children enrolled at the preschool require a PLC Sydney Preschools uniform.

PLC Sydney Preschools Uniform includes:

  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded polo shirt (Summer and Winter shirts available)
  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded fleece jacket
  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded sun-safe hat
  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded backpack

Children will be able to wear their own garments as well. These include:

  • Black shorts, skorts, skirts or pants
  • White or black sports shoes
  • White socks

Please note all children will be required to have at least one change of clothes in their bags in the likely event of toileting accidents or the nature of play.

To purchase your child’s uniform online please click here. Once you land on the uniform shop link, click on Preschool uniform on the left navigation menu.


The Preschool will provide a fruit bowl for children to snack on through the day, while families are required to provide their child’s healthy, nut free morning tea, lunch, and refillable water bottles.