PLC Sydney Preschool, Ashfield resumes from Thursday 28th January 2021
1 Knox Street Ashfield NSW 2131
Opening hours
MONDAY to FRIDAY 8.00 am – 4.30 pm

Welcome to our Ashfield Preschool

PLC Sydney Preschool, Ashfield is conveniently located in the heart of Ashfield.

Our beautiful new campus, designed and constructed by leading childhood education experts, has been purpose-built with our preschoolers in mind. Everything about our thoughtful and carefully planned centre says your child is at the heart of what we do. We like to think our preschool is a magical place where your child feels nurtured and stimulated every day.

With spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, our centre gives children an opportunity to explore a variety of exciting activities. From robots to invertebrates, everything is a possibility. With a strong focus on child-led play, our centre encourages the wildest of imaginations.

Located on the heritage grounds of Ashfield Presbyterian Church, our preschool is conveniently located close to amenities such as public transport, parking and a vibrant shopping hub.



As an experienced early childhood educator and leader of over 30 years, Mrs Kathryn McMahon has gained valuable experiences in a variety of settings for children from 3 years of age. Mrs McMahon has been an educational teacher and leader in Wollongong, Sydney and the UK in community based preschools and independent school settings. As a life-long learner every year brings new adventures to navigate and an opportunities to enhance who we are and what our purpose is as citizens in a global world.

Together with parents and staff, Mrs McMahon seeks to foster a community to support positive growth and development for young children as they start their journey towards being future leaders in our world. She believes in the capacity of children to contribute significantly to their own life journey with the care and guidance of families and educational professionals. Through collaboration, exploration and respectful relationships students are nurtured to fulfil their potential and flourish as they become the best they can be.

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Staff recruitment policy

PLC Preschools Ashfield believes in only providing staff who are highly qualified and passionate about what and why they teach.

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Three educators for up to 20 children

This is well above minimum National standards. This includes a university trained teacher in every class and ensures families and children can reap the benefits of the consistency of educators everyday.


Using our strengths to support

We value staff who offer PLC Sydney Preschool their various strengths that best support the community, which includes multilingual speaking and teaching staff, musically talented staff, THRASS trained teachers and teachers passionate about STEM.


Encouraging professional development

PLC Sydney Preschools highly value their teaching staff and their regular ongoing professional development. We aim to inspire them with the resources, knowledge and tools to consistently provide the most effective methods of teaching.

Ashfield Campus is open and enrolling now.
Call 02 9704 5770 or email or enquire below
to arrange a visit and meet the team.