Welcome to PLC Sydney Preschools

A message from Dr Paul Burgis, Principal of PLC Sydney

It is such a joy for us at PLC Sydney to open our first preschool at Ashfield, and to know we will soon be opening our second at Lane Cove.

We already operate a cheerful and effective program for four-year olds on our main campus at Croydon, called Pre-Kindergarten.

Since 1888 PLC Sydney has been educating girls. We also have a heritage in educating three or four-year old boys. For many years the College operated a service called Branxton, open to younger boys and girls.

In our society today there is a strong emphasis on developing what are called 21st Century Skills. This type of program is important, and yet it treats education as if its purpose is simply the preparation of the next generation for the future economy.

Education is much more than that.

We have to grow children as people. At PLC Sydney we base our understanding of the human being on the Christian notion that they have ineliminable value. The Presbyterian Church is the owner of our College and their strong understanding of the value of human personhood influences everything we do.

Therefore, we firstly warmly invite you to consider PLC Sydney early learning for your daughter.

This does raise the question: Which pathway is best for my child?

This is how we see our centres.

If you have a three, four or five-year old boy or a three-year old girl…

The best centres are our preschools. They are set up especially for this age group. You can book in for two, three or five days.

If you have a four-year old girl you have a decision to make. If:

1. You are looking for a full and rich program that prepares your daughter for school, including:

  • A Reggio Emilia Approach
  • Excellent foundations in literacy and numeracy
  • A rich music program
  • Specialist lessons in PE, Art and Library
  • An early science program including access to our invertebrates and turtles
  • A swimming program
  • Co-curricular swimming and gymnastics programs
  • Movement through the gardens of our main campus and play in our school playgrounds
  • Connections with older sisters and friends
  • Contact with the Chaplaincy team
  • Automatic entry to PLC Sydney
  • Five days per week
  • Access to before and after school care, onsite.

The PLC Sydney Pre-Kindergarten program at Evandale, on our Croydon campus, is the better program for you. The ‘new’ Evandale building not only has a new library focused on young learners but a state of the art playground. Children at PLC Sydney’s Croydon campus have access to all the facilities that the College offers, including the Aquatic Centre, a gymnasium, Performing Arts Complex, Research Centre, Art, Design and Technology Studios and a Centre for the Spoken Word.

2. You are looking for a highly professional and flexible program with greater part-time options, in a beautiful family-like centre, including:

  • A Reggio Emilia Approach
  • Excellent early learning in literacy and numeracy
  • A very rich music program that progresses through into the primary years
  • Access to the invertebrate program
  • Contact with the chaplaincy team
  • New facilities
  • Two, three or five days per week
  • Open 40 weeks of the year and children can utilise the extended hours of 8.00 am to 4:30 pm
  • A preschool that offers a strong ‘transition to school’ program
  • The possibility of entry to PLC Sydney

The PLC Sydney Preschool program at Ashfield Presbyterian Church is the better program for you. Please note that PLC Sydney Preschools are licensed by the Department of Education and accredited against the National Standards regularly to ensure the highest quality.

CALL 9704 5770 or BOOK A TOUR below to find out more.

Ashfield Campus is open and enrolling now.
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to arrange a visit and meet the team.