PLC Sydney Preschools is in the very fortunate position of drawing on the highest educational standards held by PLC Sydney. Our reputation in quality education speaks for itself – over 130 years successfully educating girls from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. We are thrilled to bring this experience to our preschools program.

PLC Sydney is known for exceptional teaching and learning, for outstanding co-curricular programs, for its all-rounded approach to educating girls. We are proud to incorporate this expertise to our preschool program.

The heart of PLC Sydney Preschools is to make learning fun – where your child is always our focus. Our curriculum offers the perfect balance between play, nature and technology. We encourage children to reflect on what they have achieved in these areas to reinforce some of the fundamental skills they will need for the future – graciousness, resilience, persistence, a growth mindset and delayed gratification.

We have incorporated evidence-based research into our curriculum which shows the benefits of children immersing in nature. In our preschools, the indoor and outdoor environment is intentionally designed and adapted to strengthen a child’s natural curiosity.

A PLC Sydney Preschooler will have the unique opportunity to learn from PLC Sydney’s wonderful Invertebrate House. Our students will discover up to 8 invertebrate species throughout the year by observing them in an enclosed invertebrate habitat in the preschool. They will learn about the species interactions with their environment, physical adaptations and life cycles. The children will also begin to develop an appreciation of the role that invertebrates play in creating a balanced and healthy ecosystem that in turn supports human health and industry.

We work closely with families to get to know and understand each child intimately and build confidence in you and your child that they are in the very best hands.

We would love to encourage any girls who graduate from our preschool program to pursue a PLC Sydney education.

Our brand new preschool is now open in the Inner West of Sydney at Ashfield. We would love to show you what makes PLC Sydney Preschools the leading holistic early learning provider for girls and boys aged 3 to 5 years.

We think you will love our centre and our philosophy. We really look forward to welcoming you.

Our Philosophy

Our teaching utilises a play/inquiry-based learning framework informed by the National Early Years Learning Framework and the Reggio Emilia philosophy and methodology. Our aim is to support a child’s natural curiosity.

We know children are wondrous so we encourage their eagerness to learn. Our creatively constructed indoor and outdoor learning environments help develop and challenge children and put them on a path to school readiness.



Incorporating social skills, science, pre-math and pre-literacy, PLC Sydney Preschools offers a stimulating yet nurturing environment, preparing your child for a successful transition to school.

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We integrate the latest technology including blue bots (mini robots), interactive whiteboards and iPads to enhance the learning process.


Learning is child-centric. We encourage children to play and explore, while facilitating in-depth inquiry projects led by the children, based on their own interests.


Our staff are highly qualified and care for every child’s needs. Your child is at the centre of everything we do.