Children enrolled at the preschool require a PLC Sydney Preschools uniform. PLC Sydney Preschools partner with Noone, Australian uniform specialists to supply our uniforms.

PLC Sydney Preschools Uniform includes:

  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded polo shirt (Summer and Winter shirts available)
  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded fleece jacket
  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded sun-safe hat
  • PLC Sydney Preschool branded backpack
Children will be able to wear their own garments as well. These include:
  • Black shorts, skorts, skirts or pants
  • White or black sports shoes
  • White socks

Please note all children will be required to have at least one change of clothes in their bags in the likely event of toileting accidents or the nature of play.

Purchasing uniforms online

PLC Sydney Preschools partners with Noone, Australian uniform specialists, to supply our school uniform. Uniforms are available for purchase, in store, from the Glencorse Uniform Shop, located at 34-36 Young Street Croydon or online.

To order uniforms online, please visit the Noone Uniform Shop below to add the uniform items you wish to purchase to your cart then choose your delivery option. 

NB To view only Preschool uniform items, please click on Preschool under the 'Filter by Year/Gender' tab on the bottom left hand navigation menu.

To find out more about our uniforms, please contact:

Glencorse Uniform Shop
34-36 Young Street Croydon NSW 2132

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Tel: +61 2 8069 0469
Email: plc@noone.com.au
Website: www.noone.com.au