PLC Sydney Preschools aims to equip children to become successful lifelong learners, develop the skills they need for a smooth start to formal schooling and provide them with the ability to navigate an ever-changing world.

Our programs are delivered in a supportive and nurturing environment that seeks to welcome every child, regardless of their background or the challenges they face.


At PLC Sydney preschools we focus on really knowing and understanding your child. How they learn, how they interact, and how they merge the foundations of social and emotional skills with literacy, math, science, and technology. Our programs are relevant and meaningful and make learning fun and exciting.

Through play-based learning, we will equip our preschoolers with the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need in readiness for school.

Our guiding principles underpin everything that we do. These provide us focus for the way in which we deliver our preschool program. These guiding principles are:

  1. Children are central to everything we do
  2. Families are our primary partner
  3. Everyone is a valued member of the community


To provide an exceptional preschool program designed to support your child’s transition to school.

In partnership with families we aim to enhance your child’s inquisitive nature and build on the foundations for their love of learning. We will make their transition towards school one filled with anticipation and eagerness. They will leave us bursting with excitement, armed and ready for a successful start to school.

PLC Sydney, one of Sydney’s oldest and most respected schools for girls, is proud to bring our 130 years experience in high quality education to the new PLC Sydney Preschool program. Our strong reputation makes PLC Sydney Preschools a wonderful place to start your child's learning journey.

Open to both boys and girls from 3-5 years, we have long held a vision to extend our educational reach to the early childhood years. In line with this vision, we want to ensure that every child has an opportunity to a high quality early preschool education. We have developed an exceptional curriculum which is guided by a play/inquiry-based learning framework informed by the National Early Years Learning Framework and the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

One of the areas setting our preschool apart is the high ratio of teachers to children. We exceed the government-mandated ratio to ensure your child feels the benefit of highly focused teaching. They will feel secure in the comfort of familiar faces every day. Our teachers know your child intimately and develop strong relationships with families to support the best learning outcomes. They have a strong appreciation for the different ways both boys and girls learn and adapt their teaching styles accordingly.

Our exceptional teaching staff are a testament to the quality of the PLC Sydney Preschools. Our teachers are highly experienced and skilled in providing the highest quality childhood educational programs. They boast a wide-range of skills in a diverse range of teaching areas.

Our preschool program offers your child the perfect balance between play, nature and technology.

Your child will have the unique opportunity to learn from PLC Sydney’s fascinating Invertebrate House, discovering different invertebrate species by observing them in their habitat. They will have access to the latest technology including blue bots (mini robots), interactive whiteboards and iPad’s to support their learning.

We have modern, spacious, purpose built facilities, designed by leading specialists in preschool education. Our wonderfully creative indoor and outdoor learning environments will take your child on a magical journey of discovery and delight.

We are a community based, not for profit preschool with our first centre opened in Ashfield.

We think you’ll love a PLC Sydney Preschool education for your child and we look forward to sharing our wonderful new centre with you.