PLC Sydney Preschools aims to equip children to become successful lifelong learners, develop the skills they need for a smooth start to formal schooling and provide them with the ability to navigate an ever-changing world.

Come and Visit Us

There is no better way to find out more about PLC Sydney Preschools than to see it for yourself.

We invite you to click here and take a Virtual Tour of the Preschool

The Preschool will also run an Open Mornings so that interested parents can view the school in action. Date TBC.

Please note, private tours only offered after registration at the school, if a place is available.

Orientation Mornings

When you enrol your child at PLC Sydney Preschool, we aim to make their start as smooth as possible. Knowing a little about the preschool before your child has their first day will be a great help in this special new experience.

We offer 1 to 2 orientation mornings for you and your child because we want you to feel welcome and supported from the start of your journey with PLC Preschool Ashfield.

During your orientation day you and your child will …

  • Meet and chat with the educators who will be caring for you
  • Discover your special locker where you will have your photo and name
  • Meet some new friends who will be at preschool with you
  • Experience some of the day with your new group of friends and educator with Mum or Dad nearby
  • Join in or watch a group time experience where the children and educators meet together for a story, song and/or discussion
  • Participate in with some indoor and/or outdoor play
  • Have an opportunity to test out your new uniform and bag if you have it ready and want to wear it
  • Be able to join in with morning tea or lunch if you come at that time
  • Receive a take home bag with a photo book to fill about you and your family to bring back to share on your first day at preschool

Contact Us

For further information or to enrol your child at PLC Sydney Preschool, please click the button below or call 02 9704 5770 or email preschools@plc.nsw.edu.au

* NB: To be eligible to attend a PLC Sydney Preschool, your child must have turned three years of age on or before the first day they start at the preschool.


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