Food and Drinks

We ask families not to bring foods high in sugar such as chips, chocolates and biscuits or any foods with nut products.

Morning Tea

We encourage healthy eating in line with our Munch and Move program which is a NSW Government initiative. Please provide foods including fresh or dried fruit, cheese and savoury crackers, yoghurt, and vegetable sticks such as carrots, celery and cucumber. We often discuss our responsibilities to make environmentally responsible decisions with the children, so we encourage families to pack morning tea and lunches using as little plastic packaging as possible. Please label your child’s morning tea and lunch with their name.


Sandwiches and wraps are always popular for lunch and it’s great if your child can access their food independently as it builds autonomy and self-help skills for transitioning to school. The educators are always there to help open things when needed and we love to talk about nutrition and relax in conversations with your children at this time. As we do not have the facilities or safe food handling qualifications, we are not able to cut food up for your child or heat anything. A refrigerator is available in all classrooms.


Please bring a clearly labelled drink bottle that has a cover on the spout to prevent cross-infection. It is to be filled with water only. Children can access their drink bottles independently any time throughout the day and we actively encourage them to drink often and discuss how this helps to keep their bodies healthy and hydrated.

Munch and Crunch

We encourage all children to bring a small container of cut up fresh fruit or vegetables so they can use this as a snack if they are hungry in between meals.