Your child is at the centre of everything we do.

Our highly qualified educators recognise and care for each child—looking after their individual needs and nurturing their unique qualities. They are responsive to your child’s questions and ideas and develop ongoing projects based on their interests, stimulating their thinking and enriching their learning. 

What sets us apart

​​Staff recruitment policy

PLC Preschools Ashfield believes in only providing staff who are highly qualified and passionate about what and why they teach.

Three educators for up to 20 children

This is well above minimum National standards. This includes a university trained teacher in every class and ensures families and children can reap the benefits of the consistency of educators everyday.

Using our strengths to support our community

We value staff who offer PLC Sydney Preschool their various strengths that best support the community, which includes multilingual speaking and teaching staff, musically talented staff, Pre Lit trained teachers and teachers passionate about STEM.

Encouraging professional development

PLC Sydney Preschools highly value their teaching staff and their regular ongoing professional development. We aim to inspire them with the resources, knowledge and tools to consistently provide the most effective methods of teaching.